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Lance Gerfield
Lance Gerfield

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PostSubject: Get Started   Get Started EmptyFri Jun 10, 2011 4:10 pm

Thank you for your interest in joining Noblesse.Oblige!
Read below for how to join.

3 Main ideals that make a Noblesse.Oblige team member:

1- Keep the drama down. Being on the EFF means we're all on the same side, fighting for the same goal. Also, being part of a team means you also represent them plus yourself. Any words, actions made also reflect the team therefore, you're accountable not only to yourself, but the team for any consequences that happen.

2- Supports each other. Always try and help each other whenever you can, (common sense I know, but) whether it be weapons, ammo, or even backup and assistance in fighting- let's foster a team that covers each other no matter the difficulty (we can always recover stuff for you if things go awry)

3- Ask and you shall receive. Not sure about something? ASK. Dont stress out and just ask your question to the team and avoid any judgements from outside.


There is no requirement as to set time or required amount of playing time you need to be on during a given day or week- however, if irl things or schedules are in your way, all you need to do is let us know via the forum (to avoid any speculating).

As to levels, there is no minimum requirement, but with the exception that you must have the intention on training your combat character to 800 when you can (or a specific build etc).
If you are a crafter and have the intent of maxing out, by all means let us know. If you haven't had support, we'll try our best to help you get there.

Zeon alts, If you do have an alt, you will be allowed to keep it- but must agree to the terms that
1)Combat character cannot participate in a raid or pvp when a Noblesse.Oblige member is present
2)Regardless if it is a crafter or combat alt, you must send me a pm with your listing and information regarding your alt [TS,If in any team, etc.]

All information will be kept confidential unless you (the owner of the alt) choose to disclose it amongst the team.


How to apply:

Register on the forum with your in game name and find Lance Gerfield, Kaira of Philanthropy, or any other member and let them know you are interested in joining.

STEP 1: Register on the forum with your in game name, make a new Topic in this recruitment section with:

Quote :
In Game Character Applying:
Game Experience:
TS (Total Skill):
Alternate Characters (where applicable):
Zeon Characters (where applicable): PM Lance Gerfield.

Pilot goals? (long range, CQB, fighting style, craft type, etc. interest to develop) :
Why you would like to join:

Timezone & typical playing times:

STEP 2: Once approved, you will be added to the team in game (via Lance) and your forum account added to the team members list.

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